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Update On The GTA 6 Release Date: Is The New Grand Theft Auto Being Released Soon?

Update On The GTA 6 Release Date Is Te New Grand Theft Auto Being Released Soon
Update On The GTA 6 Release Date Is Te New Grand Theft Auto Being Released Soon
Written by G H

Today’s news on the GTA 6 release date offers a potentially large boost to fans who are eagerly awaiting the latest Grand Theft Auto game to be released by Rockstar Games.

Although Rockstar Games has not officially announced the release date for GTA 6 yet, there are lots of rumors that are surrounding what is in store for the next series of Grand Theft Auto. Recently it slipped out that work has started on GTA 6. For Xbox and PlayStation fans, that has to be music to their ears.

More information has recently emerged regarding the shocking rumor that claimed that GTA 6 could potentially be out in 2020 and also would be a PS5 exclusive for one month. The rumor came from a post that was published on Pastebin that was supposedly written by a third-party developer who has personal knowledge of the plans for Sony’s PS5. Allegedly the makers of the PlayStation paid a large sum of money to get GTA 6 as a timed exclusive for the Sony PS5.

The PS5 being able to get GTA before the next Xbox would definitely give it a huge advantage in the battle of the consoles. It is also expected that the Xbox Two and PS5 might release in 2020 so this rumor does tie in nicely with claims on the launch windows of the next-gen consoles. However, fans are still surprised by these claims that GTA 6 may be out in 2020 given the fact that it wasn’t that long ago when Red Dead Redemption was released.

It would be quite surprising for another AAA title to be released by Rockstar Games so soon after it just released one. However, there are reasons to think this could be a credible source. A Dexerto post revealed that the source claiming that GTA 6 will be released in 2020 as an exclusive for PS5, predicted the new specs for the Playstation correctly. It could be a good sign that it is a credible source. However, until official confirmation, it is always best to be skeptical about these types of rumors.

It was also claimed by the alleged insider that GTA 6 was going to be set in the two cities of Vice City and Liberty City. That information ties in as well with an earlier rumor from 2018 that claimed that the setting for GTA 6 would be Miami. There is other GTA 6 news that a gaming industry member might have potentially leaked that work is currently underway on GTA 6. A 3D artist who briefly worked at the India studio for Rockstar Games had GTA 6 briefly included on his online CV.

Bibin Michael claimed he created concept vehicles for both GTA 6 (which has yet to be announced) and GTA 5. He is credited on the Red Dead Redemption 2 thank you page so he did actually work at Rockstar Games. Shortly after the GTA 6 reference was discovered by GTA forum members, it was taken out of Michael’s CV. Time will tell if that leak turns out to be a legitimate one, or if the previous ones turn out to be pranks.

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