Gaming News Site Notifies PC Gamers of 15% off Deal on Top-Rated Gaming Keyboard

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Gaming Helix, a website dedicated to covering the latest gaming news and information, is letting gamers know about an opportunity to purchase a top-rated gaming keyboard at a great price. Recently, Gaming Helix featured the Razer Huntsman Elite keyboard in their article about the ten best gaming keyboards of 2019. Right now, avid PC gamers have a prime opportunity to buy their own Razer Huntsman Elite. Amazon has recently discounted the keyboard by 15% so that shoppers can pay only $170 instead of the regular price of $200. If the customer applies for an Amazon Rewards Visa card, Amazon will instantly take off an additional $50. By taking advantage of all these deals, gamers can score a Razer Huntsman Elite for just $120.

For those looking for custom actuation in a gaming keyboard, the Razer Huntsman Elite will bring out a player’s best skills. The keyboard’s new Razer optomechanical switch technology uses optical beam-based actuation to respond faster than traditional mechanical keyboards. A key stabilizer bar ensures consistent keycap motion. Also, the model strikes the right balance of allowing the gamer to hear the clicks of each key without being too loud. What sets the keyboard apart is the multi-function digital dial that enables the user to program three tactile media keys for instant brightness and volume changes.

One of the most appealing features of the Razer Huntsman Elite is the Razer Hypershift. Through the Razer Hypershift, all keys and keypress combinations can be remapped so that the gamer can perform complex commands. This fully programmable macro functionality offers a decisive advantage, especially in fighting or real-time strategy games.

This keyboard model is also outfitted with the Razer Chroma for cutting-edge personalization and immersion. Razer Chroma allows for full integration with popular game tiles, and it syncs with Razer hardware and gear from over thirty partners. In addition, gamers can enjoy in-game underglow lighting, which reacts to all events and actions.

The Razer Huntsman Elite is built to provide years of gaming leisure. The keyboard’s matte aluminum top plate delivers reliable support and sturdiness. Rated to last for up to 100 million clicks, the Razer Huntsman Elite boasts a lifespan two times longer than most competitors. The model also has a leatherette ergonomic wrist rest that keeps the gamer comfortable.

Its varied functionalities have garnered the Razer Huntsman Elite an impressive rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon reviews. By using the 15% discount on Amazon, PC gamers can purchase their own Razer Huntsman Elite and elevate their gameplay.

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